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Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc. Becomes Employee Owned

February 3, 2022

Columbus, WI; February 2, 2022

Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc. Completes Sale to Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Company Now 100% Employee Owned

After nearly 44 years in business, Columbus Chemical Industries (CCI) has transitioned to a 100% ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) owned company.   In an announcement made on January 27, 2022, company founder, Richard Sheard outlined how important it was that the CCI employees who helped grow a strong, prosperous company should share in its ownership into the future.

In the announcement meeting, after expressing his gratitude for efforts by the CCI team, but before telling employees that the company was sold to the ESOP, Richard stated along with the other Shareholders he had sold the company.  After a pause, he then went on to unveil that the new owners were the employees, to which there was applause and amazement.

Thanking Richard and the shareholders for making such a wonderful decision to benefit the long-term future of CCI and all its associates, President Randall Eppli indicated Richard’s legacy of serving customers and honoring CCI associates will carry-on through an employee-owned company.


About CCI:  With facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona and distributor partners reaching global customers, CCI is a specialty chemical company providing custom engineered solutions for the semiconductor, medical device, biotech, laboratory and industrial manufacturing industries.  The CCI team is proud of the recognition regularly received for employee safety, outstanding service, environmentally conscious practices and active community involvement.


For more information on CCI’s transition to an ESOP contact Melissa Hoglund at: ESOP@ColumbusChemical.com